Metadata Summary

Orlando Rainfall and Levels Data

Datasource Information

Dataset TypeMonitoring/Sampling Data
Name of Data SourceOrlando Rainfall and Levels Data
Number of Waterbodies SampledNot Available
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset)Orlando_STORM_RAINLEV
Description of DatasourceThe City of Orlando maintains 17 near-real time instruments to monitor levels
Method of Transferring Data to the AtlasAutomated transfer via FTP
How Often Data is Transferred to the AtlasNear Real-time
Date of Most Recent Data Transfer5/2/2012 12:44:50 PM
Period of Record Within the Atlas1/1/2006 - 10/12/2007
Disclaimer/Use ConstraintsThe near-real time instruments may fail for any number of reasons resulting in either no rainfall being recorded or higher than actual rainfall being recorded. Levels data may be inaccurate at times of low water levels due to instruments not being submerged.

Custodian Information

Agency Name City of Orlando
Streets and Stormwater Division
Public Works
Contact NameNot Available
Contact Phone407.246.2238
Contact Email Not Available
Contact URL