Metadata Summary

USEPA Region 4

Datasource Information

Dataset TypeMonitoring/Sampling Data
Name of Data SourceUSEPA Region 4
Number of Waterbodies SampledNot Available
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset)LEGACYSTORET_1113S000
Description of DatasourceRetrieved from FDEP Legacy STORET
Method of Transferring Data to the AtlasManual transfer via HTTP
How Often Data is Transferred to the AtlasNot Applicable
Date of Most Recent Data Transfer5/2/2012 12:26:22 PM
Period of Record Within the Atlas11/11/1973 - 2/12/1977
Disclaimer/Use ConstraintsNone

Custodian Information

Agency Name US Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
Contact NameTom Wall, Director
Contact Phone202-564-4179
Contact Email
Contact URL