Metadata Summary

Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics

Datasource Information

Dataset TypeMonitoring/Sampling Data
Name of Data SourceMarine Recreational Fisheries Statistics
Number of Waterbodies SampledNot Available
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset)NMFS_REC
Description of DatasourceThe Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Program team provides essential marine recreational fisheries information to government, scientists, and the public. Since 1979 we have conducted the annual Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics Survey. The purpose of this national survey is to provide a reliable database for estimating the impact of recreational fishing on marine resources.
Method of Transferring Data to the AtlasManual transfer via HTTP
How Often Data is Transferred to the AtlasAnnually
Date of Most Recent Data Transfer5/10/2005
Period of Record Within the AtlasNot Available
Disclaimer/Use ConstraintsNone

Custodian Information

Agency Name National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Marine Fisheries Service
Marine Recreational Fisheries Statistics
Contact NameNot Available
Contact PhoneNot Available
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