Metadata Summary

City of Bonita Springs

Datasource Information

Dataset TypeMonitoring/Sampling Data
Name of Data SourceCity of Bonita Springs
Number of Waterbodies SampledNot Available
Datasource Abbreviation (dataset)WIN_21FLCOBS
Description of DatasourceThe City of Bonita Springs began a stormwater monitoring program in 2006. Surface water sampling is conducted on behalf of the City by Johnson Engineering.
Method of Transferring Data to the AtlasDownload via WIN WAVES
How Often Data is Transferred to the AtlasQuarterly
Date of Most Recent Data Transfer4/24/2023 5:02:50 PM
Period of Record Within the Atlas1/19/2017 10:10:00 AM - 6/14/2022
Disclaimer/Use ConstraintsNot Available

Custodian Information

Agency Name City of Bonita Springs
Contact NameTim Denison
Contact PhoneNot Available
Contact Email
Contact URL